Q?I already attend classes at another performing arts school, can I still join Butterflies?
A.Yes. We try to follow the etiquette of dance school relations by asking for notice to be given and honesty to all schools involved. We feel that it is important for students to experience different teachers and opportunities and encourage cross school education.
Q?How many students are in a class?

Average class sizes are between 8 and 12 to ensure optimum attention to students.

Q?Where can I buy uniform/dance wear?
A.Butterflies stocks all the dance wear that you will need for your classes.
Q?Can we pay weekly or monthly?
A.Yes, most classes are charged per term, 3 times per year but we do have other payment options for you to explore. Please email us to fins out more.
Q?Can my son/daughter take exams in dance?
A.Yes. We run exam and non-exam classes. Please let us know when you enquire whether you would like to enrol for an exam or non-exam class.
Q?I am bringing my child for their first class, what should they wear?
A.We recommend that students start in loose clothing, legging or jogging trousers and a t – shirt. Bare feet are preferable unless attending tap classes where it would be best to wear hard soled shoes.
Q?Can my child begin part way through the term?
A.Yes – students do not┬áhave to wait to begin classes. Fees for the term will be adjusted accordingly. There may occasionally be times, usually near the end of a term, when it will be more beneficial for a dancer to join at the start of the next term, e.g. just before exams or a show, and we will advise you if this is recommended.
Q?Can parents stay and watch the class?
A.Parents and guardians will be invited to watch classes towards the end of the term and we try to arrange regular performances, but request that parents do not watch classes.
Q?Do you cater for students with special needs?
A.All students are integrated into classes based on ability with their age also being taken into consideration. We try to create a suitable support network between teachers and parents to ensure all students are included in the most suitable lessons for their ability and stage of development. Please do not hesitate to discuss your child’s individual needs with us prior to enrolment so that we can endeavour to provide lessons for them.