Take 8

Hey Guys,

So last weekend was our yearly trip to London…

We got the train on Friday morning (Bonus day off school for some). As soon as we got there we dumped our bags (after getting lost and walking in on big circle). Then of course it was time too shop! We found a ball pool in a shoe shop… I mean can you get much better then that?!

That night we went for a burger and watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which was amaze balls! The little boy who played Charlie was absolutely amazing. Unfortunately this was all let down by no Oomph Lumpa song. You win some, you lose some!

Miss Lauren decided to play knock – a – door run… On Saturday we went to Pineapple which was awesome. The Musical Theatre teacher was from America and was completely fascinated that she had the coolest Yorkshire gang in her class. In fact she had to film us to document that she had taught Yorkshire folk. #yorkshireforthewin

Miss Bekha arrived that night at our hotel.. On her way she ran to get on the tube and her and her suitcase got stuck between the doors. Luckily a lovely man was there to save her.

On Sunday we headed to Move It. We met Jennifer Ellison and cued to meet Abby Lee Miller, however she had a diva fit and we were unable to see her.. Joined in with a load of classes and watched loads of performances from places like CAPA. One of our lovely former students, Tasha, took to the stage and did a fantastic performance with her Performing Arts School. Which was a very proud moment. She was truly fabulous.. There are lots of videos on our facebook page.

Don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel for videos of the weekend and Facebook and Twitter for loads of pictures.

This is the last week before the Easter Holidays. We hope you all have a wonderful time and don’t miss us too much. Don’t forget we have some workshops running, however the office will not be open at the normal times so please bare with us ☺

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen

Miss Caitlin

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