Take 14

Hey Guys,

Sooo we have exams next weekend.. How exciting! If you need any uniform or anything for your exam don’t forget to come into the office and stock up prior to they day ☺

Not long now until the Summer Holidays ☺ I bet you are all looking forward to it.. If you are stumped for things to do check out our workshops.. They are going to me awesome.. I literally cannot wait. The Matilda soundtrack has been on repeat for weeks now! Plus the day workshops are Jungle Book and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (THE BEST THEMES EVER). All the information for this is in the Workshop section of the website. We have some great performance opportunities for people who take part. The show in a week workshop is my favourite time of the year ☺ it is definitely not one to miss!

I have been playing with my new toy AKA the recording studio and its AMAZING! We are now taking bookings for the summer holidays. We have recording studio vouchers that are a great gift for anyone who loves singing.

We had a film crew in a few weeks back getting all our ready for the Deer Shed Festival.. I can’t really say much more because that will give the game away but all will be revealed…

We have also had a meeting about the Christmas Lights again this week and must say there are a lot of exciting things in the pipeline!

The Wizard of Oz Performance in next week.. Make sure you have got your ticket ☺

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen

Miss Caitlin