Take 2

Hi Butterflies,

So January is almost over and I still don’t have a six-pack…. nah well, its nearly Get Fit February! #getfitfeb. For some unknown reason I have decided to do a fitness class at 9.30 – 10.00 on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning for the WHOLE of February for FREE. If you want to come along and join me, my soon to be six-pack could do with the support!

So this week we had a meeting with the lovely people from Deer Shed Festival and it sounds like we have a few exciting things coming our way… I will share.


Weekly Blog Take 1

Hello, its me, I was wondering if after all these months I should actually blog!!!

Welcome to the lauch of our weekly blog. We will be keeping you updated on all our shenanigans. As per usual I have missed the first few weeks of 2016 so let me just fill you in….

2015 in a nutshell: So we had Move It, exams, new teachers, students swanning off to dance school, Halloween show, Bonfire night, dramathon and of course the Christmas show.

This year is going to be amazing, we have got out of the granny phase and joined Twitter! Applied for Fresh (you.